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    I'm playing a campaign in Heroes...Star.
    I know after rules 1.0 that we can't divide a full squad into two halfs but two half squads can be mixed togeter to form a full one in the Rally phase.

    I've never used that in red star, but since it may come in andy, help me figure this out:

    Full squad ---> Half squad
    2-3-4-5/5 ---> 1-4-4-4/4
    2-3-4-5/4 ---> 1-4-4-4/4

    1-4-4-4/4 + 1-4-4-4/4 = ? ( both types of full squads are present in the same scenario and reduce to a 1-4-4-4/4 )

    I would go for the lower one to represent overall lack of quality but a more specific answer? :bookworm:
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    It is even worse, because 2-5-4-5/5 also reduce to 1-4-4-4/4 and there is at least one scenario (First Probe) using the threee roots squads. I would say that, if you can remenber which half-squad came from which root squads, then follow the RAW (rules as written). If not, your approach is a sensible one although it might becomes difficult to judge if a 2-5-4-5/5 is better than a 2-3 (extended range)-5/4. Offical ruling for when you can use the RAW? Let a die roll decide :) After all, a die roll often decide which kind of half-squad you get.

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