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Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules v5.1 Rev64 Now Available for Downloading

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Rev2 FB.jpg

Welcome to the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system! For almost 20 years the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system has entertained gamers with its ease of gameplay while having an attention to battlefield conditions and tactics. The manual in your hands, or on your digital screen, is version 5.1 (v5.1) and contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system. Over the years the system has grown and, with input from the community and our own experience with the system, we have come to the conclusion of the need for minor changes, tweaks, rules clarifications, and subtle wording issues that need to be added and addressed.

For the most part, we did not feel the need for a total rework of the entire system but just some adjustments here and there to make the game more playable and the rules easier to consume. As a result, we have tried to make these implementations as painless and easy as possible for our players to identify and incorporate. Players familiar with the previous v5.0 rules will find that we have followed the same outlines and guidelines laid out in the v5.0 manual.

As a quick overview, some of the major modifications from v5.0 to v5.1 are listed below.

One of the biggest changes that people will notice is the layout of the Player Aid cards. We have totally revamped the look of the Player Aid cards as well as expand- ed some of the tables on them and included rules references for just about every condition shown on the Player Aid cards.

Support Weapons have been reworked with several new additions and changes to how the mechanics of SW’s work. One of the major modifications that we have implemented is that every SW’s with Ordinance To-Hit tables can now fire from inside buildings and we have laid out which SW’s can fire from Bunkers and Caves as well. There have also been some minor changes for Weapon Teams as well. We have clarified and laid out in a more complete form of how Fire Combat is conducted.

We have clarified how the laying of Smoke is conducted.

We have clarified and cleaned up who and what can be used in a Melee and who is Melee eligible.

The Fate of Crews and Passengers in Vehicles that are attacked are clarified and expanded upon.

Vehicle Overruns have been expanded and clarified.

We have included a variety of new Off- Board Artillery Fire Missions that players can use to tailor their Off-Board Artillery usage.

We have added the ability for vehicles to take up Hull Down positions to reflect more accurate tank operations on the battlefield.

The ability to set hexes on Fire and the rules for those fires to spread from hex to hex has been included as well. For many years we have had requests for this feature to be included in the game.

Bombers have been included as part of the Core Rules and not just a Module specific rule.

These and a host of other clarifications and corrections await you to enhance and ease your Lock ‘n Load Tactical playing experience.

Please do not be dissuaded from attempting to learn this game system. The rules are thick and do cover a couple of hundred of pages. But we have endeavored to include a lot of examples and present everything in a large font so it is easy to read. In-depth examples of play have been included to show you how the game is played with a multitude of different situations shown. It is recommended that new players read the 2 gameplay narratives at the end of the book before reading the main rules to allow you to explore how a scenario is played out.

Link: https://bit.ly/LnLT-CoreRules-PDF