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    Dec 6, 2019
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    My first post here, don't be too harsh :p.

    So I've been playing this game for quite some time, first user scenarios, then got the westwall scenpack.

    The game is great and I love its concept, however facing against AI is boring, as it's actions are easy to exploit and it always takes losses like 5 to 1.

    I'd like to play against human, is it possible? I've seen some theads (1 or 2 year old) that multiplayer is not working, but it is getting repaired. Is it fixed now?

    If so does anyone want to play against me? :D

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    Oct 22, 2014
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    Where do you live? The problem playing CO2 MP, for me, has always been (1) it's real time, so you have to be able to set aside a decent slot of time, which is often problematic, (2) I always have difficulties getting the ports to work. It has never worked for me straight off without the need to configure stuff in the modem/router, plus in my own machine, and usually that's beyond me. I've tried many times and failed many times. I have succeeded several times and had good, very intense games (which I always lost...), but then again many times I've had out of sync issues crop up mid-game.

    So I concluded long ago that CO2 is not really MP friendly. I have not found the AI to be easy to defeat, however, and certainly never had it take losses of 5:1 unless that was a brutal historical scenario which mimicked the historical result. There are scenarios where a win is quite easy from one side or the other, but there are plenty where a win is very challenging and a decisive victory almost impossible. It would be good to see an AAR of one of your big wins - might be instructive for someone less able, like me!

    Anyhow, as far as I'm aware, right now the release version is the version which still has out of sync issues which prevent or mess up MP. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
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    As said, I agree multiplayer is a bit difficult to arrange.
    Regarding playing against AI, first of all, I guess you played the offensive side mostly. That way the player can very often 'game' the AI, since it is not very active in defence and lack strategic planning. So you very rarely encounter surprises. And the Westwall scenarios seem to favour Allied forces in general than historical reality, except for the Encircling Aachen scenario. But the AI is much better at offence, so you can experiment with defence, for example, at Manhay.

    A substitute for playing against human, is that we can play wargames by using this forum: you post a thread laying out your plan, including contingencies, reasons, etc. and the opponent can lay out his (see my post for Manhay defence under the AAR section in this forum). (And then both players can go online at a specified time and play them out.) The process does not need to be simultaneous, as we can calculate the time necessary to reach a certain position, and then combat time and result can be estimated. In other words, we can do something they do in staff college. Generally the results are quite obvious, if evaluated from an objective and intelligent way, and micro managing would not make much difference. In case of serious dispute or uncertainty, both players can go online and try the disputed battle scene out.

    Multiplayer can be tricky for another reason: in reality, you need staff officers to make plans and command a division, not just to pass on orders. Given the level of simulation in this game, playing 1 v 1 continuously would require extraordinarily effort, and you will miss many considerations. Hence ultimately it would be two quite incompetent HQs fighting each other, so luck will become very decisive.
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    I can not get it to work for more than a few minutes between two machine on my home network. And two sessions on the same computer runs well sometimes and others it goes out of sync quickly.

    Otherwise I would love to rope you into game with my KOAD scenario revisions.
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    Hey I have been playing this for 10 winters of hibernation ow, first. HTTR now BotB and it never fails to test nor impress me. The more you bplay this game the more it becomes apparent that it is better than perceived. I am now launching commando raids behind enemy lines such is the strategic appeal of this that it enables you to plan out these raids. Anyhow, as for the AI being easy to defeat this is not the case unless historically it was, then you always have the hard levels and favour the other side. The beauty of this is apparent. I would always be up for multi player as and when tech issues allow

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