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    Hello dear developers. English is not my mother language, so when I read the rules of the game «Heart of Darkness». I had a number of questions. Perhaps the rules are written clearly, but I would like to get a clearer wording.
    1) Is telekinesis an active skill? (page 5)
    2) Does telekinesis require CO/2IC ERR verification? (page 5)
    3) How meny hex far units can move by telekinesis? (page 5)
    4) What does the red triangle under the AP firepower characteristic of the Ares unit and Volta-MAG mean?
    5) Ignores whether the effect of terrain electric weapon? If it is not, what is its purpose? If it has less power than a machine gun?
    6) Do huge units get bonuses from wreck, craters, and sandbags?
    7) Engineering units can remove from the map any one Mines marker in their hex. Does this mean that in this game only engineers can remove mines? Should the engineer take damage when entering the hex with mines for remove mines?
    8) In scenario number 10, the background should be in scenario number 9. Is that true?

    Sorry for my English.

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