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David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
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Space Infantry: Resurgence will be the latest edition in the Space Infantry series. Space Infantry: Resurgence takes the core concept of an elite squad of veteran sci-fi soldiers fighting through random obstacles to reach an objective, using only the tools they bring with them and what they can scrounge from the environment to a new level. We have taken everything from Space Infantry First Edition and New World expansion plus a lot of new stuff. Here is a little of what you can expect.

Random Number Generation:

We have replaced the chit-based random number generation with physical dice. This was because when you have a limited pool of numbers. The results then become increasingly set the more numbers you remove. In practice, the chit draw system of RN generation meant that as you pulled numbers for your team in combat, you decreased the variety of numbers left to the enemy. For example, if you pull all the middle to low numbers out of the cup for your squad, you know that only the high numbers will be pulled for the enemy.

For a system designed to provide the random fortunes of combat, the chit-draw left many feeling anything but. Thus we implemented dice which give a random result with every roll.

Map Exploration:

In Space Infantry: Resurgence, we have replaced the static maps with randomized locations on a set layout. Before, you would pick a mission at random, and that mission would consist of a series of nodes, connected by set paths with a detailed objective. Each node would further have the encounter possibilities and the skill challenge required to access that node printed on it.

In Space Infantry: Resurgence, the nodes do not change, but they are no longer printed on the mission sheet. Instead, you will have a deck of “node” cards that players will draw and place on an 11 x 17 map sheet as they explore the mission.

This means no mission will ever be the same, and you will have limited information going into the mission on the outset. To further customize the experience, the “node deck” can be split into specific encounter types such as zero – g, Hazardous terrain, science facility and so on.

Combined Expansions:

Space Infantry: Resurgence, we have brought together every module, both by LnLP and by the game’s developer, into one complete product. Not only are we including New Worlds, but also Hordes mode, Steele Bones, The last Outpost and much more. Each expansion brings with it a slew of new components and systems to ensure you never want to put this game away for long.

New Artwork:

We have completely overhauled the look of Space Infantry: Resurgence. We have all new art for the aliens you be facing, the squad members you can take into combat, the worlds you’ll be exploring, the vehicles you can pilot and the weapons you’ll be using.

Co-op Multiplayer:

Lastly, we have added co-op play to Space Infantry: Resurgence.

We hope you like what's coming and we be posting more soon.

Blackwell Hird

Staff member
Aug 16, 2013
Pueblo West, Colorado
Hey guys, Blackwell Here, Lead Developer on Space Infantry: Resurgence. We're currently posting u articles on different features and components in the new game over in our articles section if you're looking for more information.

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