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    Space Infantry Resurgence is a robust gaming system that features a unique solitaire game and has been further expanded to provide both co-op and two-player modes of play. In Space Infantry Resurgence you command an elite squad of veteran Space Infantry soldiers taking on the daunting task of fighting against unknown alien foes, through challenging environments, using only the weapons and tools on hand, or whatever can be scrounged along the way in order to achieve victory.

    Space Infantry Resurgence will immerse you as never before. There is all new art and components, and it includes every scenario and campaign previously released for the first edition, along with new game modes and an enhanced manual all in one package. The game also features two brand new story-driven campaigns where you, the commander, make all of the strategic mission decisions. Patrol the depths of an enemy stronghold in randomly generated Hive Missions, featuring a modular environment that evolves as you explore it. Pit yourself against your friends in a head-to-head mode as they control the sinister alien intelligence and fight your squad through a persistent campaign, or work together in our new cooperative mode. Space Infantry Resurgence brings you two new variants to play through in either co-op or solitaire mode; The Last Outpost and The Horde.
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      Two Stretch Goals 1, 2 and 3 Unlocked

      Here’s a look at Stretch Goals 1, 2 and 3,

      Stretch Goals.png

      Stretch Goals 2 and 3 introduce two specialized Node packs add Jungle and Desert Node cards. You never know the location you will find the enemy.

      SIR Jungle Nodes.png

      Now you can bring greater immersion to your missions and new challenges, like fighting off vicious beasts in the jungles using the combined fire skills of your squad, or the Search skill to find paths through the dense undergrowth. Communication will be key to your success, as well as up-to-date Intelligence.
      SIR Desert Nodes.png

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