Stalin's Triumph Module Booklet v3.0

Discussion in 'Nations At War Series' started by Aaron Sibley, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Jul 10, 2019
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    Hi there

    When I bought Stalin's Triumph from 2nd Chance games in the UK, I went all in. I ordered the Formation cards and the new scenario booklet v3.0.

    The formation cards are excellent and I love using them in the game. The booklet however is a waste of money. I bought it as I thought it had errata updates etc. It was the latest version updated to the new rules style. It is riddled with errors.

    I have so far played the first six scenarios from the game and preparing for the seventh (Little Stalingrad). The error on Little Stalingrad is that it tells the Soviets to setup on board 7. There is only one board in the scenario which is board 6. I refer to the original scenario book v1.1 that comes in the game and its correct in that book.

    This kind of error has so far occurred in the following scenarios -

    Boots on the Ground - incorrect map board reference and setup instructions
    Dawn of the Tiger - conflicting Soviet and German setup instructions

    I have not checked further into the book, as I am working my way through it scenario by scenario.

    The booklet is also coming apart, pages are coming loose from the central glue binding.

    I feel that I wasted my money. It buy the "updated" booklet for it to have more errors than the prior booklet and to be falling apart is rather poor.
  2. Norman Stewart

    Feb 21, 2015
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    The amount of errors in this scenario book revision really is unconscionable (I assume someone was rushing too much) - but they're not too hard to figure-out, and the scenarios play fine.

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