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Storming the Gap - Pre-Order Now Available

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Facebook Storming the Gap Crowdox copy.jpg

Click Here to Visit Our CrowdOx Page.

Missed the Kickstarter for Storming the Gap, not a problem. You still have a chance to get a deal and get ALL 15 stretch goals included. This is a limited time offer.

We feel this is a great deal since we are including the 15 Stretch Goals giving you over $490 worth of gaming goodness.

1 - Winter Maps (x8 Maps)
2 - Neoprene Game Mat
3 - Campaign System
4 - Storming the Gap: First Strike, a novel by author Brad Smith in Audiobook format
5 - Fulda Gap MONSTER MAP (x8 historically accurate maps)
6 - Defense of Frankfurt Expansion Module (176 counters, 60 cards)
7 - Hold the Damn Line Monster Scenario
8 - Core Game Expanded, new city map
9 - Fulda Gap Winter Maps (x8 additional Winter maps)
10 - Storm and Steel Second Wave Expansion Module (new maps, scenarios, counters for Czech & W. German troops)
11 - Additional utility markers counter sheet
12 - Data cards for reference and miniatures play
13 - Storm and Steel Expansion Module II
14 - Reference & Miniatures play data cards for Storm and Steel II
15 - Solo Assistant card set (x54 Tarot size cards)

Plus here is what comes in the game already.

3 x 13.0 x 19.0 Geomorphic Maps.
7 x Counter Sheets with Over 600+ Counters, Measuring at .75 inch / 3/4ths and 2mm Thick.
130+ x Playing Cards 3.25” x 2.25”
1 x Color Module Book with 20 Scenarios
1 x Core Game System v2.0 Manual
11 x Doubled Sided Player-Aid Cards 11.0” x 17.0”
4 x Double Sided Player-Aid Cards 8.5” x 11”
3 x Single Sided Player-Aid Cards 8.5” x 11”
6 x 1d6 16mm Dice
1 x 3” Deep Game Box

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.49.32 PM2.png

If anyone has any questions please let us know.