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Using Leaders in Lock 'n Load Tactical


Jul 15, 2015
Calgary, Alberta
Discussion time!

I will be posting this thread to various forums and social medias to see what insight people have about using Leaders in Lock 'n Load Tactical as well as Lock 'n Load Tactical Digital.

One issue that keeps creeping up on me and biting me quite hard are Leaders. Especially how to keep them in useful positions but also how to use them to rally the inevitable Shaken troops that will occur. The Lock 'n Load Tactical scenario developers are typically a bit skimpy with Leaders. Especially compared to some other popular squad-level tactical games.

Lock 'n Load Tactical has quite a few scenarios where you need to 'haul butt' to get into a combat area and then work towards attaining your scenario goals. It strikes me that you need Leaders to be forefront to get your troops into position. So what happens to the stragglers or smaller stacks that might get Shaken.

What are people's tips for keeping their units in Good Order but also being able to direct fire and move troops?