Warparty Results at WBC

Discussion in 'Warparty Series' started by Larry Bogucki, Aug 5, 2013.

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    We had a great week at WBC. Got a chance to meet and chat with Jim Crabtree, Ashleigh, and Mark from LNL. Said hello to Sean Druelinger and did a little X-Wing with Jeff Schulte as well. I'm going to put in my pre-order for Stallin's Triumph Sean!

    Warparty sold out at WBC at the LNL booth. I had two extra copies still in shrink in my car, so I got them and then they sold out. I believe after that, they sold the demo copy they had.

    Should've brough more copies guys! :)

    The Warparty tournament went well for our first tournament ever at WBC. We had a single elimination tournament with a mulligan round. In total we had 20 participants. There were more folks that wanted to participate, but had unfortunately came too late.

    Overall we had a great week of gaming and meeting folks in Lancaster, PA.
    I hope more folks and fans of LNL will come to future WBCs. It was a blast!

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