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Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer Second Edition Living Manual

Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer Second Edition Living Manual v1.1

Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer Living Rules Manual.

Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer is the expanded 2nd Edition of Peter Bogdasarin's Dawn's Early Light from the award-winning Corps Command system. Corps Command Totensonntag, the first game in the series, detailed desperate fighting between the Germans and the British during the World War Two battle of Operation Crusader. Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer includes everything from Dawn's Early Light, but with improved counters plus the expansion game High Noon at Gerzenburg. Dawn's Early Light Red Hammer is easy to learn and play in an evening, so get ready to play the NATO or Soviet forces during Operation Red Hammer!

  • One and a half counter sheets of 176 Playing Pieces
  • Two 11" x 17" Eisenbach Gap maps
  • One 11" x 17" Gerzenburg map
  • One Player's Aid
  • One Rule & Scenario Booklet
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    Updated the manual to v1.1 updated rule 7.0 Combat and some other minor typos.