LnLT World War II Era Core Rules Final v4.1

LnLT World War II Era Core Rules Final Living Rules Edition

  1. David Heath
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    LnLT World War II Era Core Rules Living Edition v4.1 FINAL

    This is the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system written by Jeff Lewis. These rules present the core rules for the game system for modules taking place from 1930 to 1959. Notable changes from previous versions of the rules (v3.1 and earlier) will be presented in BLUE text. Feel free to use these rules with previously published modules.

    These rule manual come in two formats, Living Rules in PDF and a expanded printed book edition. There are a few extra pages for chart and tables included in the printed book edition. The printed book edition can be purchased via our Store.

    If you have any game questions, or if you are just looking for other gamers with whom to chat, you can find quick replies on our Forums

    You can also find additional game resources such as scenarios, counters, special rules and other community-design ideas in our Resource section.
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