Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit - TableTop Simulator Edition v4.1

TableTop Simulator Edition

  1. David Heath
    Lock 'n Load Publishing award-winning tactical wargame has come to the tabletop Simulator! If you were looking for a point to enter into this series look no further, then the Starter Kit.

    From the battlegrounds of Europe to the jungles of Vietnam, you are now Locked and Loaded for 3d combat across two time periods.

    Tabletop Simulator is an independent video game that allows players to play and create tabletop games in a multiplayer physics sandbox.

    This edition of the Lock 'n Load Tactical Starter Kit on the TableTop Simulator has been brought to you courtesy of Rydo.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Nick DelCorpo
    Nick DelCorpo
    Version: v4.1
    Great version, does what vassal just can't, give you that 3-d tactile feeling.