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nations at war

  1. David Heath

    White Star Rising 2nd Edition Vassal Module v1.2

    Here is LnLP Official White Star Rising Second Edition v1.2 Vassal Module. Attached are several screenshots from the Vassal module in play. These show off the new custom UI buttons on the toolbar, which use graphics directly from the Nations At War Series in some cases, and they are all bigger...
  2. Trent Garner

    Nations at War Vassal Modules Released

    Hello players and fans of the Nations at War series! We're happy to announce that new Vassal modules for all three core games have been released, including White Star Rising 2nd Edition, Desert Heat 2nd Edition and Stalin's Triumph. You can download these and other LnLP modules by going to the...
  3. David Heath

    New Video On the Way

    HI Everyone, Sorry, this has taken me so long to fix but finally, we have our Nations At War Digital forum ready. We will be posting more items in here over the next few days. David
  4. David Heath

    Nations At War Compendium Vol 1 Available for Pre-Order

    Nations At War - Compendium Vol 1 - Pre-Order Now You receive from the campaigns a combined 13 scenarios plus an additional 15 stand alone scenarios and another 15 scenarios from our Line of Fire magazine for a total 43 scenarios in total as well as two redesigned maps. Pre-Order it at the link...
  5. David Heath

    The State of the Union for Nations At War Series

    Many of you have been asking what are we doing, and when will the NaW games be back in stock. So here is the official update. We are expecting that the games to be here during the 1Q and I am going to say sometime in March. There are 26 games being printed and coming from China. We know there...
  6. David Heath

    Nations At War Series v2.0 Available Soon

    We are getting ready to start our release of the Second Edition of the Nation At War series. The first game out the doors will be White Star Rising and Stalin Triumph. It will be a little bit before they are available but they are coming. We plan to release Nations At War Core Rules v2.0 as a...