1. S

    S&S: Second Wave - Scenario 4 Mohr's Counter Attack

    I don't see anything in the clarification on this scenario, so forgive me if this has been asked and answered. Objective A and B for WarPact is identified at 46-S1 and 46-M1. I believe this should be 3-S1 and 3-M1. Correct? Objective C is 46-V8. I believe this should be 3-V8. Correct...
  2. David Heath

    Stalin's Triumph Special Scenario - Something Borrowed v2.0

    Stalin's Triumph Special Scenario - Something Borrowed is a bonus scenario design by Sean Druelinger. This scenario was designed to use with the new units provided in the ST replacement counters, upgrade kits and Stalin's Triumph upgraded game.
  3. David Heath

    White Star Rising Special Scenario - Race to Bastogne v1.0

    White Star Rising Special Scenario - Race to Bastogne is a bonus scenario design by Sean Druelinger. This scenario was designed to use with the new units provided in the WSR replacement counters, upgrade kits and White Star Rising upgrade games.
  4. miya

    Namur - Bridgehead over the Meuse 22.01.19

    Hallo, years ago I created a map of Namur, Belgium and the surrounding area. Unfortunately I lost interest and forgot the file on my hard drive. During the last weeks I returned to CO2 and finally I had an idea for a decent Command Ops scenario. One major thought in this one is, I want to...
  5. JArraya

    How long to create a scenario?

    I am very tempted to start designing some scenarios based on Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily during WW2. Before I start, can someone give me an idea of the time and effort required in designing a map and a scenario. I am knowledgeable with computers and have some experience...
  6. GeneralGandhi


    Hello!, Anyone know something about a mod set in the Falklands war, appeared years ago in the Matrix forums ?. Has it finished or adapted for CO2?
  7. David Heath

    LnLT Scenario & Map List Guide Rev. 13

    LnLT Scenario and Map List Guide will show all scenarios and maps from both World War 2 and Modern era games in one PDF document. This PDF will be updated as we add more games to the series. The scenario list and the map list are from the latest game releases and will not match older editions...
  8. gashlycrumb

    HotM Errata?

    Hello, can someone help with the following - thanks! 1) HotM - Enter the Guards a) The Soviet OOB lists 2 x 1-3-4-5/4 in hex N6 with Nurse Ladoshkina. There are no 1-3-4-5/4 counters, at least not in my version of HotM. What should these 1-3-4-5/4 units be? b) Also, there's a typo in the German...
  9. 共工熙雲

    Battle of Nanking 2017-12-28

    Remove ".TXT"
  10. T

    I am confused about solo scenario progression.

    Hi, I am confused about non-campaign solo scenario progression. I thought that once you complete a solo scenario, that the next scenario would be the one on the list of Solo non-campaign scenarios. But I noticed that after I won Tiger 222, instead of going back to the main menu to select a...
  11. Dordo

    Battle of Tretten scenario

    Tretten 1940 For my first scenario I took the battle of Tretten from a scenario of "Tiger unleashed" thinking about a simple battle ideal for a start. Studying the events, however, the situation is complicated by giving me the idea for something more elaborate. And so it came to a...
  12. T

    Request for a list of scenarios.

    Greetings. Is there a list and description of the scenarios in the modules? I'm especially looking for fictional balanced scenarios both regarding map and forces. Ideally with random forces. Thanks in advance.
  13. David Heath

    Assault On Vierville Scenario for Heroes of Normandy v2.1

    Assault On Vierville is a scenario for Heroes of Normandy or Band of Heroes. The French village of Vierville is along the road from Utah Beach to St. Come du Mont. A location key to the Americans and Germans. This scenario is also found in our updated Game Play Walkthrough and our new World...
  14. David Heath

    Warparty Scenario - Fall of the Lost Keep v1.0

    Warparty Scenario Fall of the Lost Keep.

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