Airstrike, Flamethrower tank and Caves

Stéphane Tanguay

Staff member
Aug 2, 2013
Just played the I Wana Take That Ridge scenario from HOTP3, where Marines try to clear Japanese troops in Bunker and Caves, using Flamethrower, Airstrike, Satchel charges and a Flamethrower tank. Some comments/assumptions were made and I want to make sure we were right

1) Since Bombs attacks are resolved exactly the same as MG/Cannon attack in a Airstrike (DFT roll against leg units using TM, and opposed die-roll, using lowest AV against vehicle), it seemed strange that the Bombs of the F4F Wildcat (2FP) are less effective than the Cannon/MG attack (4 FP) against units in bunkers (for example)

2) We were wondering what is the use for the red arrow on the aircraft counter?

3) We assumed that the M4A3R3 was a flamethrower tank and were ready to use the flamethrower rules regarding shaken units having to retreat (there is no section in the module rules regarding this specific tank). It is an absolute beast in an overrun, with a 14 FP attack, even when buttoned!

4) We assumed that Caves were to be treated like bunkers in most aspects, including overrun. Empty caves attacked for the purpose of collapsing them did not benefit from the +3 they usually offer to units inside them


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