All Things Zombie: Miniatures Fade to Black Errata v1.0

Correction to the All Things Zombie: Miniatures Booklet.

  1. David Heath

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    Oct 14, 2014
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    David Heath submitted a new resource:

    All Things Zombie: Miniatures Fade to Black Errata - Correction to the All Things Zombie: Miniatures Booklet.

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  2. Scott Chisholm

    Feb 24, 2015
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    I'm afraid the pdf isn't the correction needed; those are the words straight off of page 29 of the rule book. What's missing is the second half of the table off of the Player Aid Cards. The complete Charge Into Melee table should look something like this (taken from my pdf of All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out):

  3. Blackwell Hird

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    Aug 16, 2013
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    Cheers Scott,

    This is Backwell Hird. I want to say, you are entirely correct, however, the table you sent is from the older edition rules for Fade to Black. I personally talked to the designer, Ed Teixeira, and the corrected 8.2.1 is how he intended the rule to work. This is why we have the error. I've asked Ed to come on the forum as well, to address any concerns you may have.

  4. Scott Chisholm

    Feb 24, 2015
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    I'm with you; Section 8.2.1 on page 29 of the rule book is completely correct.

    However, Section 8.2.1 directs you to "Go down the left-had column to the number of d6 that were passed. Go across to the column based upon whether the Charger or Target passed more d6". These are the second and third bullets at the top of the right hand column of page 29. They are referring to the bottom half of the table I posted and is what is missing from the Player Aid cards. Without that portion of the table, you cannot conduct Charge Into Melee.

    For what it's worth, the Charge Into Melee table I posted from ATZ:FFO is nearly identical to what is contained in Table 11.2 of the player card for ATZ:Reloaded.

    We really need the bottom half of the table to play the game.
  5. Ed the THW Guy

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    Hi Scott,
    The updated version has been changed to this:

    Here’s how the Charge into Melee Test is taken:
    • Move the charger to 1” from the target.
    After the test is resolved, the charger is
    moved into base to base contact with
    the target.
    • Each figure involved in the charge rolls
    its own d6. If charged by more than
    one charger, apply the target results to
    both chargers, taking the worse result.
    • If the target is allowed one shot on each
    target he can only fire one shot on the
    target he chooses.
    • Each figure starts with 2d6 and
    modifies the number by any applicable
    • All figures roll the modified total of d6
    and compare the scores against their
    • Determine how many d6 are passed for
    each figure.
    If the Charger passes more d6 than the Target, it enters melee and the Target cannot fire.
    • Otherwise, the Target fires at full Target Rating. (This was changed to speed game play.)

    • Immediately carry out the results.

    Example – A Ganger (Rep 4) activates and
    moves 3” forward into sight of a Citizen (Rep
    3). An In Sight is taken and the Ganger wins.
    He declares a charge and both figures take the
    Charge into Melee Test.

    Ganger rolls 2d6 versus its Rep and passes 2d6.
    The Citizen rolls 1d6 versus its Rep and passes
    1d6. As the charging Ganger passed more d6,
    the Citizen cannot fire and the
    Ganger is moved into contact.
    So the modifiers stay, but now you can fire full target Rating or not at all.
  6. Scott Chisholm

    Feb 24, 2015
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    God God, Ed. How did I miss the bright red letters? I was expecting the "fix" to include the bottom half of the table....

    Sorry about that Blackwell...I guess I could blame it on the new glasses I got today. In addition to anti-glare, they must have added a red filter...

    If y'all don't mind, I"ll go slink into a hole now....

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