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Battle Generator & Scenario Builder

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
It's More Than Just A Battle Generator and Scenario Editor, It Provides You More Ways To Play.

LnLT Battle Generator and Editor DLC will add features to all owned DLC modules, by allowing you to generate random battles and to design your own scenarios. The Battle Generator allows players to mix and match forces and maps from the different game DLC modules to generate historical and hypothetical battles making some for some very unique battles. For example, Players that own the Heroes of Normandy and Heroes of the Nam DLC modules could have the Viet Cong forces from Heroes of the Nam's face off against the German forces from Heroes of Normandy.

The LnLT Battle Generator provides Pre-defined Unit Costs for all forces in each DLC. The amount of points is defined by the forces and the type of battle you want to generate. The type of battles are Attack, Defend and, Meeting Engagement. A player can then modify up or down the total points available to each side allowing players to play balance one player skill lever against another.

Making Your Own Scenarios
The Scenario Editor is more a Scenario Builder and allows players to design their own scenarios for either the Digital games, Tabletop Simulators or our Board games can use this to build their own scenarios and save them. Players can build their own scenarios by selecting the combat forces, maps, scenario events, victory conditions, and any other special scenario conditions. You are able to add your own images, scenario descriptions, and then players can then save them in either JPG or PDF formats. These scenario files can be used and uploaded to the LnLP Resource area and/or on the Steam workgroup to be shared with other players.

The LnLT Battle Generator & Editor has been designed to get you into the action fast but also gives you a lot of flexibility to play in many different ways and always your way. LnLT Battle Generator has been tailored to work with all Lock ‘n Load Tactical DLC modules in the series past, present, and future.


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