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    Lock 'n Load Publishing & GrogHeads Team Up once again for Origins 2017, June 14 - 18.
    Tournaments! We’ve got afternoon/evening tournaments for Lock’n’Load Tactical, Nations At War and Tank On Tank Series. Attending with LnLP will be Nations At War series developer Sean Druelinger.

    Nations At War Event:
    Event #4710, THU 1300
    Event #4723, FRI 1000
    Event #4745, SAT Noon

    Lock 'n Load Tactical Event:
    Event #4703, THU 1000
    Event #4719, THU 1900
    Event #4751, SAT 1500

    Lock'n'Load Tactical Tournament
    Event #4734, FRI 1600

    All games are over at the GrogHeads Central Command in the Main Gaming Hall.
    When you’re looking for our events in the Origins master event grid, they all start with “GrogHeads Presents”. GrogHeads did that to make it easier to find when sorting through a giant spreadsheet with over 6000 events. GorgHead sponsored Events can be found at GrogHeads.

    Origins Events Booklet can be found downloaded here.


Discussion in 'News and Information from LnLP' started by David Heath, Jun 12, 2017.

    1. MichaelCD
      For the Tactical Event, is it a specific game or do you pick which one?
    2. Mark Brownell
      Mark Brownell
      When will all the Pre-Order games that we've been waiting( for that slow boat to arrive ) be available? Now with Origins, probably not
      for another month. It has been six years since I first ordered what is now being called Heroes of North Africa.
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    3. David Heath
      David Heath
      I asked the guys at GrogHeads to please come by and answer your question since they are running the event. It's possible that they are traveling now to the show.

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    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Mark,

      I know you been waiting a long time, in fact, I have not owned the company for as long as this game been in development. I do not have an arrival date as of yet, once it hits the states I will be told. I will promise future games in the series will never take this long or be announced that far ahead.

    5. Brant
      Brant from GrogHeads here - We work with the 'playing copies' that our vendor partners provide us. We'd talked about a few different options with LNLP, based on what gets shipped to the show that we've got to work with.

      It's probably going to be one of the WWII titles, as they're more plentiful, but personally I'd LOVE to get the Falklands on the table :)

      For the tournament, the plan is to use the demo kits b/c they are small, quick scenarios.
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    6. acarteas
      I attended the LnLT event being run by Doug Thursday evening. We had two groups playing - one group played Nam and my group played Falklands. My game came down to a final melee die roll for a victory hex. Sadly, I couldn't make a 3:2 kill roll and lost, but I had fun all throughout. On Friday, I attended the LnLT tournament and won a prize! I just wanted to say thanks to David and everyone at Grogheads for supporting and running all of the events.
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    7. David Heath
      David Heath
      Thanks for coming by and we hope to have a larger event with prizes next year.


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