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    Knock on all Doors (KOAD) is a 12 scenario module for Command Ops 2 covering the momentous decisions in the first 48 hours of the battle of the bulge in Belgium 1944. These are very large scenarios in terms of area and forces. But they are relatively short and allow you to command either of the three German Armies (1SS Panzer Corps, 5th Panzer or 7th) or the thinly stretched American forces and make the key initial decisions that will determine the outcome of this famous battle.

    There are four sets of three scenarios. The first is the historical O-Tag or Day 1 set that commence on 16 December. The second or “Decision” set allows the player the opportunity to explore the famous “what ifs” faced by the German commanders on the second day of the battle 17 December. The third or “Knock” set works on the basis of employing the original staff plan, developed by General Manteuffel that embodied the concept of “knock on all doors and pour through the ones that open”. The fourth “Big Knock” series takes this concept a little further and employs an augmented order of battle.

    One of the joys of KOAD is the sheer scope of these scenarios. They enable you to gain an insight into the operational issues faced by the army commanders; explore options for employing different courses of action and game out the famous what-ifs that historians and analysts have debated.
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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by David Heath, Nov 23, 2015.

    1. *budd*
      you don't put the code in the prepaid box. Put the game in your shopping cart, then view the cart, on the view cart page you have the choice to put in the code. screen shot attached.

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    2. DerGrenadier
      I tried the “fix“ but to no avail.
    3. Gaetano
      All ok. Thank you
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys,

      Any problem you guys have with the discount code please open a Support Ticket. So far we been able to walk everyone through the process except one person. We want to resolve this for you and of course make it better going forward. Jason is handling this and I am sure backed up on the support tickets so please give him some time.

    5. Chelco
      Hello and congrats for the new release. How do you get those coupons? I didn't get anything in my inbox ...

      Real and Simulated Wars
    6. Franz
      I just purchased Knock on All Doors Module. It looks great and thanks for Coupon.
    7. Chelco
    8. Keydet
      Try the smallest ones - Decision at Bullingen or Decisions Beyond the Sauer - while you are waiting.

      Am happy you found another reason for a new laptop and do not wish to weaken your resolve but in the meantime you could plug in a large empty thumb drive and choose to use it for performance boost. Speed up things for me.
    9. Jason Church
      Jason Church
      I apologize for the slow response, we had a holiday in the US. If you are still getting the Field Format Error, please open a support ticket and I will do my best to resolve the problem.
    10. Bazza42
      Same old, same old as at 08.28GMT on Nov 29th. I'm afraid.

      I think that this must be the highest hurdle I've ever had put in front of me in an attempt to buy a game.....

      Normally the 'depth' of my wallet is the problem :)

      Ticket raised.
    11. DerGrenadier
    12. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Have you raised a support ticket. For what it is worth David Heath told me yesterday that the most common reason for this error is entering the coupon in the wrong spot.
    13. DerGrenadier
      Hi Dave, yes I allready raised a ticket and I talked to David. He said theyre already working on the issue and that it only seems to affect non US costumers. As the coupon is valid for a couple of weeks I can wait. Iam currently still playing Westwall battles so Iam in no hurry. I was just curious, thats why I raised my question.
    14. Bazza42
      I raised a ticket on 29th Nov.

      As I have had no response I assume it is still being worked upon.

      For the record I have entered the discount code in the correct box, as from the tenor of the posts I suspect many have, and have been given the discount. The problem is that when you try to check out the transaction fails with the Field format error.

      If you take the transaction up to just prior to completion without the discount then the store system works quite happily.

      I am UK based and, as with DerGrenadier, I am happy to wait upon a solution although I would hope not to lose the discount......
    15. Bazza42
      Whilst I don't wish to make too big a deal of this, the matter remains unresolved.

      I dutifully raised a ticket but that has elicited no response.

      I tried my prospective purchase again today and it was again 'rejected' with a Field Format error.

      I appreciate that non-US customers are fewer than domestic ones but I do feel, at the moment, that I am being asked to form an
      orderly queue and wait until the domestic issues are resolved. Somewhat disappointed in the service offered.
    16. DerGrenadier
      Bazaa in the meantime I was able to buy KoaD with CC. It worked as it should. But with PayPal I also wasnt able to buy.
    17. Bazza42
      Many thanks for the advice.

      I must admit that I only tried Paypal this time around - once I got the now familiar message I gave up. I'll give my credit card a go and see how that goes.

      For the record I should record that I have now had a response from Jason offering to help.

      So thnk you to you both for your help.

      Who knows I may not have to Knock on any further doors now. :)
    18. David Heath
      David Heath
      Stay Turn Patton's Charge coming this summer.

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