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Foothills of the Gods - Summary


Jun 9, 2017
The Foothills of the Gods scenario set for Command Op 2 focus on the 1940-1941 Greek Mainland Campaign. It features 19 scenarios, 9 of which are historical. I have arranged the scenarios into their start date order and labelled the non-historical ones NH. The blurbs for each scenario are directly from the briefing.

3 scenarios, 2 historical explore the Italian push from Albania on a narrow front. The attack soon stalled and the Greeks pushed the Italian back into Albanian in the winter of 1940.

The German attack in April 1941 outflanked the prepared defenses of the Metaxas and Aliakmon lines by moving through Yugoslavia and inland through the Monastir-Servia valley. The series of key battles is represented in scenarios 3-5.

As this inland trust met the east coast of Italy some smaller, focused actions are represented in scenario 6-8.

Finally, the last major action of the campaign is at the symbolic Thermopylae in scenario 9.

The what if scenarios are a real mixture with some being variations of the historical while Battle of the Pindos Bases is a balanced free for all and the tiny Tactical Exercise are great for learning the nuances of the game.