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    Admiral Hipper was as a raider not the most suitable ship, but still destroyed 7 merchentmen of convoy SLS64 and damamaged 1 seriously apart from sinking 3 other merchant ships.
    Yes she destroyed the destroyers Glowworm in april 1940 and later Achates in 1942.

    So SLS64 WAS fated by Admiral Hipper and Hipper should double against this particular convoy!.

    Further small remarks: the Heinkel 177 Greif was a very heavy bomber, but Dornier 217 K's with their Henschel gliding bombs or Fritz-X rocket bombs were the more deadly ship destroyes as proven against the superbattleship Roma in september 1943.

    As for the British side the next surfaceships were quite dominant in WW2:

    - CVA Ark Royal and Illustrious
    - BB Warspite
    - BC Hood
    - BB Rodney
    - BB King george V and Duke of York
    - CA Norfolk and Berwick
    - CL Jamaica and Belfast
    - DD Cossack

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