Joe's Bridge Axis defence


Oct 24, 2019
The impossible was made possible. We retook the northern end of the bridge and practically destroyed the Irish Guards (all tanks destroyed except a few belonged to HQ). Our battalion south of the river had 89% fatigue and could not do any more. Though if better managed, we could perhaps retake the entire bridge, but everything has to be perfect for that to happen.Joes Bridge.png

This is a very good practice for defensive battle which teaches an important principle: sometimes good tactical positions have to be given up in exchange for better operational positions.

In our defence, we retreated from the northern end of the bridge and occupied the woods in the west with two battalions. One battalion occupied defensive positions further north, and one company took up observational position in the eastern polder. Our SPG company dug in at the forward positions in the small woods. This way we can lay extensive fire over the bridgehead, but the enemy practically will be unable to dislodge our troops.

If we defended at the northern end of the bridge, even if some enemy troops will be trapped on the bridge if we defended the bridgehead, the reminder will lay all their firepower on our position. And our SPGs especially will have difficulty withstanding firepower from British 17pdr towed AT guns. Now only those enemies crossed the bridge can fire from the bridgehead, and they were tempted to launch premature assaults that were thoroughly defeated.
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