LnLT Module Rules and Scenario Spiral-Bound Booklet Now Available

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    LnLT Module Rules and Scenario Spiral-Bound Booklet Now Available

    As many of you know LnLP has been putting our LnLT Core games onto many different platforms such as VASSAL, Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia, and our Digital DLC games on Steam. Our goal is to give our customers as many different outlets to play our games as possible.

    Our new LnLT Module Rules and Scenario Spiral-Bound Booklets provide players a way to play our games through these other game platforms without requiring a gamer to own the complete physical copy of the board game. This allows gamers that only play online to keep a virtual game library of our game series. Our Digital DLC modules currently allow you to have a download PDF and will soon be included in-game online PDF. Of course, if you own a physical copy of the board game the module rules and scenario are already included allowing you to fully play on these platforms except for the Digital DLC games on Steam.

    If you own our LnLT Core Rules v5.0 in PDF, EPUB, or Spiral-Bound editions along with as many of our LnLT Module Rules and Scenario Spiral-Board Booklets are now able to play any scenario of that game module online. Also included are many of the module's important Player Aids Cards and a new reworked Skill Reference Table. This Spiral-Booklet can be used along with our physical board game edition as well.

    Not all of the LnLT core games spiral-booklets are available yet but we are adding more every day. You can find the available ones on our store at http://bit.ly/LnLT-Games

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete product and requires ownership of one of our other products or online modules to use this spiral-bound booklet.
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    Does Heroes of the Falklands Spiral-Bound also include the Feat of Arms scenarios?
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