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LnLT Solo corrections/updates


Feb 21, 2015
On last nights

On the Air with Lock 'n Load Publishing S3 E1 there were general discussions on the revamp of the Solo system. To turn it from a generic system to a tailored by situation/scenario system.

I felt it's strength vs it's roots(COH) was that it is generic.
The good news is that the new system will be free with new "Heroes" games going forward and that the old system can still be used.
The new system is a generic system with scenario specific cards and maybe charts, the old system already had scenario specific rules, though not for solo per se.
Some rules have been cleared up e.g. op fire and fog of war setup has ben added and flow charts updated/"corrected"
I already use a solo setup system, based on Hostile Tactical AI's shards( 16 counters with blank back and A-J of four suits on front ) Ace highest priority Jack's lowest, deck has 18 cards per suit 6A,5K, 4Q, 3J and a chart based on units(Infantry, weapon teams, mechanized, armour vs likely terrain.
I tend to place them on super hexes e.g. central hex and 6 surrounding ones, with a system of semi-random placement within the super hex based on LoS, terrain and unit type. The cards have lots of other data but I only use them for setup.

It sounds like there have been significant changes to the AI deck, I got the impression it was mainly to add scenario, fate and event cards , though I see no reason why these can't be generic that act as a pointer to scenario tables, which would save sorting and maintaining libraries of cards e.g. Fate 1 means X in scenario Y when drawn for player Z activation etc.


• It would be cool if the new counters, flow charts and opportunity fire rules could be made available for download to update the generic system.

• An AI deck with generic scenario Fate, Event etc cards with guidelines for use , which probably exist in the new battle generator.

• A physical kit of the above.

I ask as I am very interested in an improved AEO but I will not be buying Bitter Harvest, I have a surplus of good WW2 eastern front games and for me I overplayed it years ago, same for Pacific theatre so Western Front or Modern (1980s+) or SciFi.