Mortars as Support Weapons

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    Heroes of North Africa- Brixia and Brit 51mm "knee" mortar are support weapons ( as well as Brits in Normandy and Japanese knee mortars in HotP, and any future German 50mm or US 60mm , etc. mortars used as Support weapons.)

    Situation: A Direct Fire Combat includes 2 or more mortars as part of the same fire power combination, and never halved (i.e. a MMC armed with 2 x 51mm mortars); or a MMC with 2 mortars SWs fires indirectly while an adjacent unit spots.

    Question: Does the attacker roll two dice for EACH mortar included in the combat and choose the highest die? Or is he limited to Two ONLY no matter how many Support Weapon mortars are involved?

    In theory, an Answer for each morar could allow for a single hex to have 12FP (6 x mortars with 3 x MMCs) and 12 DICE rolled, to pretty much ensure a "6" single die selection.

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