Movement and the Dry Creek Bed


Jul 18, 2017
San Angelo, TX
When moving into a hex containing a dry creek bed, is the 2 point movement cost assessed only if the unit crosses the creek bed.

Here's the dilemma: a NVA regt heavy weapons unit (2 movement points) is in hex E10 (light jungle) and wants to move to hex E9 (light jungle/dry creek bed). Light jungle costs 2 MP and the dry creek bed costs 2 MP (1 MP if moving from dry creek bed to dry creek bed).

If the movement points are assessed when a unit moves into a hex, the regt heavy weapons unit cannot move into the hex. If the movement points are assessed when crossing the creek bed, in the example above, the regt heavy weapons unit would move into the hex on one turn, cross the dry creek bed on the next turn, then exit the hex on the following turn. Correct?

Maurice Fitzgerald

Staff member
Oct 13, 2014
The dry creek bed doesn't start until E8, so it can be moved into or through like any other piece of terrain by paying the 2MP. If you're moving from within the creek bed to another creek bed hex, the MP is 1. The Rgt Hvy Weapons team has a movement of 2, so it can move into the creek bed and on the next turn, move out of it. Don't worry about moving them across the board too much, remember that this is a mortar team, and has great range. A leader or any other unit needs LOS to the target for them to hit. So they can sit back and lob in mortars from pretty much any point on the map once they're within a couple hexes in of the edges. Hope that helps!

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