Movement and NVA Regt Heavy Weapons

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    The movement factor for NVA regimental heavy weapons units is 2 but it costs 3 to move through heavy jungle-rough.

    The rules do not allow-that I can find-a unit to expend all of its movement to move a single hex.

    Is jungle-rough prohibited terrain for a heavy weapons unit?
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    If a unit does not have the movement points to enter, it cannot enter the hex. You should be able to set that mortar team up within two hexes of its start hex without issue.

    Of course, you'll have to make sure your leader, or any other unit, has LOS to the target. The range won't be an issue. Remember that the Regt Hvy Weapons team is a mortar team, so does not need LOS to the target, only the leader or any other unit does. Hope that helps!
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