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Totensonntag Movement Rule Question

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
This was a questioned asked on BGG and I wanted to repost it here.

In the first edition of the game, rule 6.0 says that an activated unit receives movement points equal to the PLAYER'S initiative number. I assumed this actually meant the player's activation roll.

But in the new edition, rule 6.0 says that an activated unit receives movement points equal to the UNIT'S initiative factor - which would be the number on the bottom right corner of each unit.

I just noticed, however, that the player aid of V.2 says that a unit receives movement points equal to the initiative ROLL.

I wish that the wording was more consistent, but in general I assume that the MP's are still equal to the activation number? So if you roll a 2, all units with 2+ initiative move, but only with 2MP's, and if you roll a 5 only units with 5+ move but by 5 MP’s?


Your Movement is your Initiative Factor (lower right #) NOT your Activation roll. Rule 6.0

The Player-Aid is incorrect and will be updated. It should read: Each unit receives Movement Points (MPs) equal to its Initiative Factor. 1 MP = 1 Hex.

All units whose Initiative Factor is equal to or greater than a side's Activation Number (roll) for that impulse. (rule 3.1)