Other Uses For The Strength Attribute?

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    Hello all,

    First off, love the game! Great job!

    Unless I'm missing something, I'm confused how the Strength attribute is actually used in combat. I've read and re-read the rules but I can't find where the rule book uses the Strength attribute other than to determine the starting point of "health points" for each body location, bonus die (or max for replenishing) or if using the optional 'star power'. Wouldn't Strength also be a major factor in dealing damage too?

    Also, what is the point of reducing Strength (1 of the main three attributes) by one if you still roll 1d6 vs Original Strength value (such as when appealing to the crowd)? is it primarily done to effect replenishing bonus die? Also, what happens to the gladiator if Strength (or any of the 3) are reduced to 0?

    Sorry if the questions were dumb ones and thanks in advance.

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