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    Hey y’all, I just finished the Greyhound Dash scenario and I noticed one thing in the casualties report that really bothered me. I was playing as the Axis in this scenario and inflicted a whopping 9000 casualties on the Allies while they only inflicted 7000 despite having a massive numerical advantage. However the most troubling statistic that I found was that 5000 out of the 9000 Allied casualties were from my artillery while only 250 of mine were from their artillery. If anything, shouldn’t this be reversed? At this point in the war the Germans barely had enough ammunition to send 8 shells in a barrage and their gun barrels were totally worn out, while the Allied doctrine was focused on overwhelming firepower.

    Yes, I suppose I could also set rules on my own artillery usage but more importantly I’d like to know why the enemy AI hardly uses their artillery. Is it because they are always resting and on-call as opposed to being used directly? I find that if I put my own units on-call they’re never used? Or is the engine simply limited in this regard and can’t handle the complexity of calling in fire missions?

    I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out and understand how the AI works in this regard.

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    I'm assuming you're playing CO2 Version 5.1.28.

    The long awaited patch for this version addresses artillery discrepancies between human player control and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control.

    The change addresses a major anomaly where AI-controlled artillery was more prone to move than fire in order to remain in close to front line troops rather than remain in a rear firebase position and provide supporting fires. Essentially, AI artillery was constantly moving and emplacing during the game instead of finding an optimum position to provide covering fire for AI-controlled.

    This change, and others that address sighting / visibility, projectile lethality, and accuracy are about to the Beta-test team the testing stage before being released.

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