Reposted from May: My first Japanese Victory!

Jay Townsend

Aug 19, 2013
I haven't played this for a few years but I have a game up and running after reading the latest rules. Not a big change, I think the hardest thing for me the first time around was converting Bases & Ports but after copying a chart from BGG and reading the rules it is a little easier. Also now I have the Resource Cards per-turn better understood, the only thing I still need to figure-out is how the best use the Resource Cards.

I am going into turn 2, after playing turns 0 & 1 and its still anyone's game. I love turn 0 and attacking Pearl Harbor and now have really been focusing more on the southern area as the Japanese player, taking the obvious oil wells of Borneo and those much needed resources, getting the two RCs each turns. I also took Singapore. The Allies took their lumps but sunk some Japanese ship at the Kwajalein atoll or base and are getting a ton of reinforcements which is a good thing because Pearl Harbor was devastated. Now to figure out what is the best strategies for turn 2 for both sides.

This is too beautiful a game not to play. The Counters, cards and map are excellent and the rules are color with lots of pictures and I love the Battle card. What other Pacific game lets you play out the whole Pacific War in 6 turns and in about 2-3 hours or less! Setup takes about 10-15 minutes. It plays fine solitary as well. Now back to turn 2, which his really turn 3, counting the initial turn 0.

Into turn three this morning. Most of the time I just use the Resource Cards as resources, initiative, flipping ports and bases but sometime like in turn 2, I used Battle of Singapore card as an event. Use during a Port Invasion: Japanese Player Gains 2 Ground Strength points, which helped me take or convert the Philippines to a Japanese port. There are so many nuances to this game, I am not sure I am using it to its full potential. I am not sure of what strategies to pursue for either side, which is a good thing.

At this point, I may go on the defensive as the Japanese, unless the Allies mess up on this next turn.

At turn four the Japanese had a 4 victory points lead but not enough to win so on to turn 5.

I think the Restricted Sea Zone is a game design so the Japanese can't easily take Australia but makes it not worth taking the long route around Australia for the Japanese to go after. I still haven't found the best way to use the 0 movement factor American Battleships but maybe to help convert a Port with no enemy units in it or to guard Victory objects.

After turn five the Japanese still had a one victory object lead, so the Allies lose! I can't say my game play as the Allies was very good. They tried the take Japan too early and paid a huge price for that mistake and the British need to use more of the units before the withdraw dates, which I failed to pay attention to and never got the most out of those units. The Japanese took early objects like Borneo, Singapore and the Philippines and then played more of a defensive role not trying to win an early victory for a change, as the last time a played this game, the Japanese almost got totally wiped out. This approach of out lasting the Americans and striking only when the opportunity was good paid off.

I had to play this strategy to see if the Japanese could win this game and they did, as I wasn't sure from my last gameplay if it was possible.

With that said, my card-play, tactical and strategies on both sides of the wave wasn't very good. So many options to try out in this game!

The Pearl Harbor turn 0 for the Japanese was the best results I have had in all of my game plays so far. Next time I'll try to be more organized in Allied strategies and attacks and maybe I'll try and early Japanese victory which can go wrong very fast if unsuccessful.

I still need to learn how to use my Resource Cards better and some I won't play as Events, as they are too powerful and ruin the game balance.

Overall a great game on the whole Pacific Theater, sure the rules could be better written but play through that and it gets easier. Did I mess up a few things or procedures in my gameplay, sure but I usually found them by the next turn.

Is combat a little too bloody, yes it is but for a lighthearted Pacific game, that plays quickly, this hit the spot and is fun to play. So line up your units on the Battle Card and have at it. I can recommend the game if you want to play something fun. Don't worry if you get everything right in your first gameplay.

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