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The History of Hollow Cell Part 2


Designer of Hollow Cell
Oct 12, 2014
Hollow Cell Development

Part 2

The setting for Hollow Cell has evolved and become something far more than I could have ever dreamed up myself. Working with Blackwell Hird on this project has been a lot of fun as his ideas have been inspirational. There is a whole universe with the characters that are in the game that have such potential for deeper stories.

The main location for Hollow Cell is on a planet that has been set aside for opposing factions to settle their disagreements and disputes before going to war. They would send in the best of their fighters to compete and see if they would reign supreme. If their warrior wins, the opposing side would stand down. The fighter that went into battle would compete in a location with limited resources and dangerous environments. The Hedonix, a hedonistic alien race, would oversee the battle to make sure it is fought fairly while at the same time be entertaining for themselves. They would even act within the game through the use of event cards.

The fighters that enter into the challenge are some of the best in the galaxy and yet are intelligent enough to have a failsafe for their own lives. They would use a synthetic version of themselves that have been developed by the Hedonix which can be operated by the warriors through a remote unit. This, “Synthoid” is identical to them in every way, but if it dies, the warrior can send in another. This is great for gameplay because it insures that players are never eliminated from the game. Each time a player makes a kill shot on another player, they would receive a Victory Banner as well as take whatever gear they had at the time of defeat. The goal is to win 3 Victory Banners. Once this was done, the other warring factions would stand down from the conflict.

All of this will be written far better then I have explained in this short report. At the core of Hollow Cell is the battle that comes into play when players sit down face to face and fight. It is not a difficult game to understand or learn. It is meant to be a game that players can sit down and start playing quickly without having to learn all kinds of rules and follow charts. Many of the effects are explained on the cards so that players would not need to stop and refer to a rule book. This has been a challenge for me to design because I wanted Hollow Cell to be a fun game with a lot of re-playability. With so many cards and combinations to choose from, I hope players will find it as fun as I do.

Stay tuned for Part 3 as I will take a short look at mechanics.