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    Preorders Ending SOON! - Get yours in while there is time.


Discussion in 'News and Information from LnLP' started by David Heath, May 4, 2017.

    1. Todd
      do you have any concept (sounds rude, but please don't read that into my phrasing) of how long your inventory may last with all these and the other games you are currently assembling? There's no way, with my budget I can possibly get all the ones I think I want all at once. I know this is a question you can't answer with 100% certainty. Just looking for some ideas.

      Now that you've been through this, will reprints come quicker?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Todd,

      Honestly, that is a fair question but I don't know. We have sold out in less than 60 days of a game but that does not mean it will happen again. My best guess is until the end of the fall.

    3. Todd
      Yea, I know it's hard to judge these things. Thank you for answering. I won't hold you to any dates...not yet anyway.

      And to the second question, will you be able to reprint more quickly next time, now that you have a printer and process that you seem to be happy with? Or, will you move to a p500 method or something different. Sorry, I feel like a nosy reporter, "Spill it Heath!"
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Todd,

      Yes, we should be able to reprint faster but I am not saying if we will reprint everything.

    5. Todd
    6. Trent Garner
      Trent Garner
      That picture is awesome, thanks for sharing!
    7. Ryan Shannahan
      Ryan Shannahan
      I can't remember where I read this, but what's the reason for the increased box size (1st Heroes of the Nam printing vs the current one in preorder)? Is there any additional content or is the increase just to make storage easier?

    8. MichaelCD
      And speaking of increased box size, was it ever determined if one could purchase the larger box if they already have the smaller one?
    9. Doug Alber
      Doug Alber
      My understanding it was to make storage easier. I know I put my counters into chessex trays (very low profile) and they will not fit in the boxes with the maps and documentation (rules, scenarios, charts, etc)
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    10. Doug Alber
      Doug Alber
      So are we on pre-order going to get everything in one shipment (with accompanying cheaper postage) or are they coming individually, adding `$15 to the cost of each game?

    11. Ryan Shannahan
      Ryan Shannahan
      Yeah, I only punch what I need for a scenario and then once finished put the counters back in the sprues. It works but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to sell my original for a loss and order the new printing (if the larger boxes aren't available as a separate purchase).
    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      We do not know if any extra boxes are coming. I have requested it but it can not promise we will get these. If we do they will be very limited.

    13. Falkon00

      It kind of stinks because I know I am bummed that I have a hell of a time fitting all the components into my game boxes. I preordered every one of these Lock n Load games when they were announced, and now I will have some big boxes, some small boxes, some counters with errors. Just difficult to want to get on board and support when in the back of my head I wonder, had I waited I would have a set of games with corrections and similar sized boxes... not looking for anything for free, but you know we are all a bunch of OCD freaks and would love to hand you a little more money to get matching boxes and corrected chits... this kind of makes me wonder if I should wait on the Nations at War series for a future reprint to take advantage of changes... hate to have to think this way.
    14. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hey, nothing will thrill me more than to provide some customers with the bigger boxes. We do our best not to have any errors but that happens from time to time. I think people have seen the extra effort the new LNLP has gone to support the community. You guys are what makes us ROCK. I just do not want to promise something I am not sure I can do yet. You have my word if I can I will.

    15. Falkon00
      I fully understand about errors and such... I love the new production values and everything, that is why I can't wait for the next one and the next one...believe me, my bank account is gonna be mad as hell when it gets the bill from all of my preordering!! I just hope somewhere down the line we can get some of those deep dish boxes, and maybe a compendium full of production fixes.


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