Jeff Lewis

Jul 20, 2013
As a fan of the board game it's great to see the digital version. I wanted to offer some tips to new players.

1) Remember to use your HQ activation to increase your combined mobility.
2) Use the Road bonus for covering ground when available.
3) Use combined arms when attacking. Get the arty or longer-ranged AT guns or rockets in on your attacks.
4) Outflank the tanks with high armor values and stubborn Infantry in town hexes (and see #3).
5) Use the terrain on defense, especially Hills to increase range.
6) Promote a unit to an HQ when you can, especially if you have a cluster of units (see #1).
7) Never count on getting more than 2 APs. Consider the 3rd and 4th as gravy.


Trent Garner

Staff member
Nov 10, 2016
You guys have covered the bases well here. Maybe I can add a few tips, even so:

1) Check the turn track for reinforcements and plan accordingly
2) The AI will try to use an Airstrike as soon as possible, weather permitting
3) Infantry are good in close combat when used in large numbers; expect to take losses
4) Artillery with zero movement can still move 1 hex using the road bonus; arty unit must already be on a road for this to work
5) Trucks can only move along roads
6) Jeeps and all tracked units can go off-road
7) You can save an Airstrike from turn to turn
8) Airstrikes can accumulate over several turns
9) More than one Airstrike can be called per turn, AP allowing; That 's right... you won't know until you try! ;)

Good luck and good hunting!
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