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    John Prados' Third Reich: The Card Game is a historical game of World War II that uses cards and can be played by two to four players. Each player controls a side or a Front in this multifaceted game, seeking to defeat the opponent by winning the most Battlefield cards before the end of play. There are no dice, tokens, counters or anything but cards in this game.

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Discussion in 'John Prados' Third Reich Card Game' started by David Heath, Oct 15, 2017.

    1. JLPreiser
      Third Reich has been a favorite for years.
      Looking forward to these new adaptations.
    2. martimer
      Any updates to this game? I am a sucker for these kinds of games , but have never found one I really like a lot but still holding on to hope.
    3. JLPreiser
      Been wondering the same thing. Is the boardgame version still in the works as well?
    4. martimer
      Hello, Been a while since I checked in. Is there any wy to help get this game published?

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