Would having an "Ops Range" like Band of Brothers break LnL?

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    This is more a speculative question about whether a particular house rule would hurt or break LnL in your opinion...

    One of the aspects I like about the Band of Brothers WWII tactical series is that instead of alternating Side A and Side B impulses 1 for 1, Each side has what's called an Operations Range, which reflects its degree of tactical flexibility. A side that has an Ops Range of "3 to 4" for example, must activate at least 3 or 4 units in succession before play passes back to the other side. A side that has an Ops Range of "1 to 4" is more tactically flexible since it could just activate one unit and pass, or activate any number of units until it has activated 4 of them. This allows BoB to represent better tactical flexibility for Germans, for example, and more rigid command-control by Soviets. It also lets a side get units cooperating and acting together in a burst to build up an attack, for example.

    With LnL, do you see any harm to the system to using Op Ranges like these? Or is there some way this is already baked into the game? It would be fairly easy to implement as a house rule, but I wouldn't want to unhinge the well-tested system.
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