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command ops 2

  1. David Heath

    Command Ops 2 Public Beta Build Now Available

    Command Ops 2 Public Beta Build. Lock ‘n’ Load Publishing and Panther Games are pleased to announce that the much anticipated Command Ops 2 update is now available as a public beta build on Steam. Here is a direct link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/521800/allnews/ The new Bradley at Bay...
  2. David Heath

    LnLP Steam Sale: Command Ops 2, Tank On Tank & War of Empires

    LnLP Sale on Steam - Command Ops 2 (the entire Series) is now 20% off. Tank On Tank Digital is 20% off and Falling Stars: War of Empires 40% off. - LnLP On Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/LnLP
  3. B

    CO2 HTTR: missing BFTBEstab.xml file

    Hello, I have recently purchased CO2 HTTR via Steam and would like to edit the estab file. Unfortunately, I only have the BFTBEstab.coe file. Could someone tell how to acquire the .xml file or perhaps even share it with me? It would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Bie

    Basic Guide for Command Ops 2 - PDF version

    A PDF version of my Basic Guide for Command Ops 2 guide on Steam. This guide is meant to be a step up from my Quickstart Guide. It takes a deeper look at basics like: The user interface Intel and line of sight Units and orders Scenario objectives
  5. Bie

    Quickstart Guide for Command Ops 2 - PDF version

    A PDF version of my Quickstart Guide for Command Ops 2 guide on Steam. This guide is meant for players who have just picked up the game and want to get a clear insight into the game as quickly as possible. It covers the most extreme basics op Command Ops 2. It includes: The concept of chain...
  6. Daz

    Race for Bastogne printable planning map playing as Axis

    This is a large printable map for the Race for Bastogne scenario when playing as the Axis side, to help in the planning stage of the scenario. It includes instructions for printing. The objectives are marked on the map in yellow. I have made the HQ units stand out by reducing the opacity of...
  7. Dordo

    Battle of Tretten scenario

    Tretten 1940 For my first scenario I took the battle of Tretten from a scenario of "Tiger unleashed" thinking about a simple battle ideal for a start. Studying the events, however, the situation is complicated by giving me the idea for something more elaborate. And so it came to a...
  8. David Heath

    Two Ways to Run Command Ops 2 On a MAC

    Hi Guys, One biggest thing I am always asked is if there will be a Mac version of Command Ops 2, my first hope is YES, but for the time being, I play Command Ops 2 on my Mac Pro with a great product know as Parallels. I can run Windows edition 7 through 10. on my Mac with Parallels. I then...
  9. David Heath

    Steam Keys

    If you purchased Command Ops 2 through Lock 'n Load Publishing we will be providing Steam Keys. There will be a little delay as we are not set up right now to provide the Steam Keys but it should not be to long. So just hold on until we are ready. David
  10. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital - West Front Greenlight Campaign On Steam

    Tank On Tank Digital on steam. If you are on Steam please vote for us to be Greenlighted at the link below, it would be a great help to us. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=863798008 Thanks
  11. David Heath

    Command Ops 2 - On Steam Feb 15 2017

    Command Ops 2 Available now on Steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/521800/
  12. Daz

    Command Ops 2 - From the Meuse to the Rhine AAR

    This is an old AAR that was very fragmented on the forums, so I have placed it in this pdf. In this AAR I am on the offensive playing as the Allies. It's my best attempt at playing the Epic "From the Meuse to the Rhine" scenario. It's probably the largest, and most complex scenario in the...
  13. David Heath

    Review of Command Ops 2 and Knock On All Doors.

    Hey Guys, Here is a review you might all like to read. http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2015/11/command-ops-2-knock-on-all-doors.html David
  14. David Heath

    Command Ops 2, AAR Tutorial - Return to St Vith

    This is small look into this amazing After Action Report for Command Ops 2 Return to St. Vith. The entire After Action Report can be download from our Resource section. We are posting the first few pages here just to give you a taste. The first 7 pages out of 30.
  15. M

    First Module to Buy - Highway to the Reich or The Cauldron?

    Hi - I downloaded the free Core Command Ops 2 and have been enjoying the tutorial scenario and am now interested in purchasing one of the paid-for modules - I've narrowed the choice down to Highway to the Reich or The Cauldron, as Market Garden and the North Africa battles are my two main areas...
  16. CO2 Map Control Overlay

    CO2 Map Control Overlay

    New Map Control Overlay.