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    This is small look into this amazing After Action Report for Command Ops 2 Return to St. Vith. The entire After Action Report can be download from our Resource section. We are posting the first few pages here just to give you a taste.

    Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Cover.jpg

    The first 7 pages out of 30.

    Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Cover.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 1.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 2.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 3.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 4.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 5.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 6.jpg Command Ops 2 - Vith AAR Part1 Page 7.jpg
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Discussion in 'CO2 - After Action Reports' started by David Heath, Oct 29, 2015.

    1. tarokun
    2. ioncore
      Daz, your AARs by far are the best AARs I've ever seen, ever, for any PC wargame I've ever played. The combination of uniqueness, style, depth and information density is simply amazing.
      Just two questions so far:
      - can we get more of these?
      - could you please review your gaming schedule for the next year and consider participation in some EF scenarios' playtesting for CmdOps, lol.
    3. tarokun
    4. Daz
      Thanks guys :)

      I'm on holiday at the moment in North Wales, so no fast computer and only dial up speed internet for my laptop!
      Its not stopped raining since we got here and the wind speed has hardly drop below 70mph.
      The waterfalls are quite spectacular mind:woot:

      When I get back next week, I am going to carry on with the St Vith Tutorial until Dave fixes the timings bug for the attack on Overloon.
      I have so many half finished projects I feel that I need to try and get one finished before I start another lol
    5. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      What's this timing bug you talk of Daz?
    6. Daz
    7. ThirstyMan
      I am in the process of editing this AAR for spelling, punctuation etc. I think it is an excellent resource but it does require a small bit of English editing (first instead of fist, for example). I hope the author won't mind if I post it when finished (there is a lot to go through). I haven't changed any graphics, I've only looked at the use of English (Coys instead of Coy's) and some slight formatting changes where the first line indent doesn't really work.
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