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    So what are some campaign styles people would like to see for LnLT?

    There is the campaign-style that was presented in 'Heros of the Motherland' and in the 'We Stand Alone' expansion for 'Heroes of Normandy', where you play a series of linked scenarios and have a 'leader' counter that represents you and can grow and gain experience.

    There is the style of campaign play that is similar to the "Battle for Geissen" Campaign system coming out in the upcoming 'World at War 85' game where you have an overall operational map with several zones on it and both sides maneuver their formations and when 2 formations from opposing sides meet in a zone you fight a battle out on tabletop to see what the outcome is. Usually used to represent higher formations moving around (Battalion and above) and the fights on the tabletop just representing a 'snapshot' of the overall battle, but determining the fate of the formation.

    There is also campaign-style where its all done at the tabletop level that is similar to the ASL Historic modules where the entire campaign is fought out on a single map and after each 'combat round' you figure out the new front lines depending on the actual movement of units on the map. Often times the purchasing of reinforcements from a variable list of potential units is a core part of the campaign.

    Maybe there are other campaign systems you would like to see. Lets hear your ideas!
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    I'm not into campaigns but i can think of something.

    You are in command of a company, you have a fixed number of leaders, squads and weapons and you play a series of scenarios with what you have, each time giving you the chance to choose what and how much units deploy.
    If you lose them they're gone, but you receive a series of purchase points to replenish your forces.
    The more they survive the more veterans the units gets and you'll receive "Company traits" like :
    - all units have +1 morale
    - 1 unit can SR in a turn even without a leader or retry a rally attempt
    - so on and on...

    And based on how much units survive you get a result at the end of the campaign.

    Thats a rought idea to a campaign to me, i'm not too fond of beign represented by a leader.
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    I was just thinking of how cool it would be if we had a game were you had choices that directly affected not only that scenario but future scenarios in a linked campaign. Like you have a chance to take a drop a mortar on a unit wherever it hits civilians and kills them, this activates additional units from hex X this turn and then add condition A for scenario 2, 3, and 5. Another idea is earned attributes. I would take the skills chits/ cards that exist or something similar, maybe the same for both sides, maybe tailored to individual nations. I would make them cards that either came with the game or could be purchased with the rules/player aid for use with the cards or have them available for download. They would be like the badges earned in computer first person shooters. If an officer conducts 3 successful fire missions that result in 4 step loses give that leader the aimed fire skill. The could be cumulative up to a point or only a certain amount allowed from each category, to avoid any super soldiers. The skills could last for a single game turn, game or campaign. I would think campaign would be the best.

    Maybe at the conclusion of each campaign game each player selects one still living unit from the opponent and assigns it an earned skill. These skills should have hard criteria that are clear and specific and lets all players know exactly what must be done to earn that skill. I would avoid just RPG type leveling up and having stats that effect dice rolls or column modifiers as one gets bogged down with record keeping.
    The card would not be that much to produce and add on and I think be added retroactively very easy. There is no limit to how many, how small or how strong they have to be.

    I would like to see a squad-level first, such as a 5 story building city, such as Hong Kong or Beijing type of city brawl. I would also love to see some actions in Africa. I never see squad level or very little of any type of WW2 game with Africa involved, especially if North Africa is omitted.

    , what about a large strategic maps of various regions of Europe in a standard scale and hex count that can be used to add more realistic rules for logistics and supply. Based on maybe 2 main counter packs, Counter could be produced for the maps that were generic for both sides and were informational and only interacted with said maps. This would make retrofit (which is super important for a modular system with a long history of production) easier and production cheaper.The maps for regions can easily be used again, with newly researched scenarios and still give incredible value. When you add counters that make the time more accurate that really put the cherry on top.

    An example would be the Khalkin Gol in 1939. Takes place in the Mongolian desert, you can use the HoNA maps and prob those from NOSB the counters fro HOtP and NOSB and just create new scenarios. If you were to add a small counter sheet that added early Russian and Japaneses armor such as BT-5s and early Japanese tankettes. This would not make or break any scenario if done right but I don't think we have any counter that resemble a BT-5 or 7. Anyway just my 2 cents. Lock N' Load RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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