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    Drive On Giessen - WaW85 - StG-1.png
    The Drive on Giessen is a campaign game for World At War 85 Storming the Gap

    The Drive On Giessen allows the play of a set of linked game scenarios depicting a Soviet division’s drive across West Germany against NATO forces. The Operational map will depict an area roughly from Eisenach GDR to Giessen FRG; a distance of about 75 kilometers in depth and 20 kilometers wide. The Pact player will have forces equivalent to about one division, while the NATO players will have at command a reinforced brigade.

    The Operational map will consist of a series of locations connected across the map. Each location will represent a game area of two maps where each scenario will be played. Links between these map locations will represent road connections which will regulate how many game formations will be able to transit during each operational turn.

    The campaign game will consist of three Campaign days. Each campaign day will consist of four Operations turns – early morning, late morning, afternoon, and evening. At the end of each campaign day, there will be a night turn in which each player will conduct admin activities such as taking replacements, checking for reinforcements, and other events that may impact the campaign. A player may under certain circumstances also declare a special night Operational turn.

    During an Operational turn, both players may move their forces on the Operational map point to point to adjacent locations. This is done simultaneously and hidden from the opposing player. Forces that do not move from their location may improve their defensive positions or regroup. Most formations will move one space each turn. Those formations in road march status may move two spaces. Helicopter formations may move four spaces each turn but must return to the location from which they started (their Forward Operating Base) at the end of each Operational turn. Battles will occur at each location that contains forces of both opposing players. How the forces arrived on the map will determine how the scenario will be set up. As battles occur, both sides may have reinforcements that can move into battle from adjacent locations. Also, artillery units in adjacent locations may be assigned as Artillery Support, and so act as off-board artillery for the battle.

    Everyone got some good gaming coming your way.

    Drive on Giessen features Cover.jpg Drive on Giessen features Counters.jpg Drive on Giessen features Manual.jpg Drive on Giessen features Screens.jpg Drive on Giessen features Maps.jpg
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    1. MkV
      This is awesome! Will there be more of these released for this or other modules?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      Yes, Jeff stated he be making more.
    3. MkV
      Could we get any stories, batreps, aar's, or just anecdotes from the play test of this? Very curious as to how some of these played out.
    4. Starman
      There is many replays knocking around and in Line of Fire for te old WaW ' The Untold Stories' and World at War: Into the Breach. Which had a Dark Days campaign

      All of this could probably be updated to work with WaW85, the point system will help and WaW85 has the same rules including Leaders although slightly rejigged/improved.
      The only extra rules were for Heroes and Snipers.

      There is aslos a wealth of material to call on, Keith probably used some of this for WaW85.

      If I had access to the prototype I would have produced a few alas I will have to wait until Juky/August.

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