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    Hello Everyone,

    Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself on a game counter leading your men into battle? Well, in the past, to get your face on an armor leader or squad leader counter it could cost you some bucks. We are now looking for some leader faces putting on some of the new LnLT game counters. Here is your to get your face on a counter in the Lock 'n Load Tactical series.

    We are going to allow anyone who wishes to submit a photo and have a chance to be on a counter or even a product cover for FREE.

    Here are some of the conditions that need to be followed. LnLP reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without any notice.

    1) Post a picture below from the chest up on a solid background. No pictures of you at the beach etc.

    2) You need to be looking straight at the camera or off slightly to the right or left. Remember you are supposed to be in combat. So try not to be smiling or have that deer in the headlight look.

    3) The lighting needs to be even and the picture clear. No out of focus picture will be excepted.

    4) We need the last name and nationalities you would like us to consider for your counter. This does not need to be your real name. You can select a different name for each nationality you select. This must be included in your post. You can NOT post pictures of someone else ever.

    5) You must be at least 18 years old.

    7) In your post, you must include that LnLP only is allowed to use your image at no cost and state that this is your picture and not someone else. You can NOT post pictures of someone else ever.

    Here are some good examples from photos to counter. The only exception is that the photo has a lot of items in the background.

    DarrenWhite2.jpeg Sgt White.png BlackwellHird1.jpg Lt-Hird Para.png

    Here is a good example why NOT to smile for your counter photo.


    Here is a good example of an action picture for a counter.



    Please understand that the games come first. This means if you are Japanese with a name such as "Yamato" you really can't be a German or German SS Leader. We also reserve the right to change your name if needed. If we need a German and you are okay with being German, but your name is Jones we may still need to change your name. LnLP will decide what if any leader ratings you will have.


    What we are saying is nothing is guaranteed, but of course, we try to get you where and how you requested when possible, but we do reserve the right do make the final decisions on all the above. So please make sure you agree to all the above before you post a picture. Posting a picture means you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set above.

    We hope you find this just another great reason to be playing LnLT. If you have any questions please post them and I do my best to answer them. Let us know what you think of this new possibility and start sending in your photos.



Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Nov 6, 2016.

    1. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Herr David,
      Sorry...I was thinking about invading Poland when these were taken, I'll check the photo album at Berchtesgaden for more...
    2. Alfy
      Dear Adolph, due to availability, your face could not be included in the German set. However, you will be pleased to know you are now a commissar in the soviet army in Motherland next reprint. Best regard. :shame:
    3. David Heath
      David Heath

      I want to stress we need them a little more back, chest and up. The artist needs more room to work with.

    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi David,

      The picture must be in color.


    5. David Gray
      David Gray
      Oh well.
    6. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      We already have you in Heroes of North Africa!
    7. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      Here's Martin . . . Ten Gallo (Lt. Gallo)

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    8. Pete Frederick
      Pete Frederick
      LnLP only is allowed to use your image at no cost and state that this is your picture and not someone else.

      Last name: Frederick
      Nationalities: German, English, American, EDIT: or Russian

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      Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
    9. Alfy
      Ok, I'll try again.

      As I deleted my previous post, here is the info again:

      My name is Burger, which is a Dutch name but could fit Dutch, Belgian and German national. I am Dutch myself but would be ok with any nationality.

      LnL Publishing is allowed to use my picture at no cost. These are pictures of me and of no one else.


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    10. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys,

      David Julien our artist who makes the counters for Lock 'n Load Publishing. Here is a better sample of what we need.
      The picture in the attachment is a good example of what I need.


      Sample Leader Picture1.jpg
    11. Cottonbaler
      Leutnant Flis.jpg

      Here's the finished counter (for HoNA) -- David Julien does an outstanding job!
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    12. David Julien
      David Julien
      Thanks a lot, you made my day!! :)
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    13. Trent Garner
      Trent Garner
      Great job, you can almost here him giving orders: 'Mach schnell!!'
    14. Pete Frederick
      Pete Frederick
      Just re-did my photos to be a littler further away and better expressions.

      LnLP only is allowed to use your image at no cost and state that this is your picture and not someone else.

      Last name: Frederick EDIT: or other name that fits on counter
      Nationalities: German, Russian, English, American, whatever

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      Last edited: Dec 8, 2016
    15. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      Why not? Okay here's my mug.

      Last name is Lloyd but you're welcome to change it.

      Any nationality.

      LnLP only is allowed to use my image at no cost and this is my picture.

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    16. toothdoc
      Great idea. Is it too late to get in on this? I just found lnl 2 days ago. I'm an old Ambush player and this seems rught up my alley.
    17. Maurice Fitzgerald
      Maurice Fitzgerald
      Finally reminded myself to get a picture over here for this!

      Last name Fitzgerald
      Nationalities: US, British (Bonus points if I'm USMC lol)


      Last name: Fritz
      Nationality: German

      LnLP only is allowed to use my image at no cost and I state that this is my picture and not of someone else or someone else's.

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    18. toothdoc
      What about glasses? Do you want pictures w/o glasses?
    19. Maurice Fitzgerald
      Maurice Fitzgerald
      I took my pic without mine on, just to be safe. Glasses can mess up a picture if not taken right.
    20. Ty Snouffer
      Ty Snouffer
      Is there going to be a full announcement of which counters made it into which games?

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