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    Hello Everyone,

    Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself on a game counter leading your men into battle? Well, in the past, to get your face on an armor leader or squad leader counter it could cost you some bucks. We are now looking for some leader faces putting on some of the new LnLT game counters. Here is your to get your face on a counter in the Lock 'n Load Tactical series.

    We are going to allow anyone who wishes to submit a photo and have a chance to be on a counter or even a product cover for FREE.

    Here are some of the conditions that need to be followed. LnLP reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without any notice.

    1) Post a picture below from the chest up on a solid background. No pictures of you at the beach etc.

    2) You need to be looking straight at the camera or off slightly to the right or left. Remember you are supposed to be in combat. So try not to be smiling or have that deer in the headlight look.

    3) The lighting needs to be even and the picture clear. No out of focus picture will be excepted.

    4) We need the last name and nationalities you would like us to consider for your counter. This does not need to be your real name. You can select a different name for each nationality you select. This must be included in your post. You can NOT post pictures of someone else ever.

    5) You must be at least 18 years old.

    7) In your post, you must include that LnLP only is allowed to use your image at no cost and state that this is your picture and not someone else. You can NOT post pictures of someone else ever.

    Here are some good examples from photos to counter. The only exception is that the photo has a lot of items in the background.

    DarrenWhite2.jpeg Sgt White.png BlackwellHird1.jpg Lt-Hird Para.png

    Here is a good example why NOT to smile for your counter photo.


    Here is a good example of an action picture for a counter.



    Please understand that the games come first. This means if you are Japanese with a name such as "Yamato" you really can't be a German or German SS Leader. We also reserve the right to change your name if needed. If we need a German and you are okay with being German, but your name is Jones we may still need to change your name. LnLP will decide what if any leader ratings you will have.


    What we are saying is nothing is guaranteed, but of course, we try to get you where and how you requested when possible, but we do reserve the right do make the final decisions on all the above. So please make sure you agree to all the above before you post a picture. Posting a picture means you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set above.

    We hope you find this just another great reason to be playing LnLT. If you have any questions please post them and I do my best to answer them. Let us know what you think of this new possibility and start sending in your photos.



Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Nov 6, 2016.

    1. David Heath
      David Heath
      I am sure we will and we going to try to use as many of these pictures as possible over the course of time.

    2. Charlie Heckman
      Charlie Heckman
      Still accepting pictures?

      Any leeway for me to send in a picture of a deceased veteran ancestor in lieu of my photo?

      Such as my maternal grandfather, Joe Riefski... veteran of the American Expeditionary Division in the Great War. Does that complicate the photo rights too much?

      - Charlie

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    3. David Gray
      David Gray
      They told me they only accepted color photos.
    4. Charlie Heckman
      Charlie Heckman
      Oh well. Thanks for the info. ;)
    5. brainglitch
      Hey, if this is still going would love to do this.
      These are me and my own pictures.
      I would be down to have my face on any counters except those of WWII axis powers.
      For American/NATO/Etc. I'd prefer MacPherson and for Russian/Eastern European I'd prefer Makhno.


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    6. Eric Duckworth
      Eric Duckworth
      I'll have to find something better for use with most games. But if you are doing a Modern US, here's a actual pic during actual combat operations in 2006 Iraq. This face can be used for Modern US/NATO. I'll put one up later for other options. Thanks.

      For American- you can use Duckworth or any other name.
      This is my photograph and it is of me, and I authorize LnLP to use this image at no cost.

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    7. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      13709892_10209388493965013_182702688800046970_n.jpg lnl2.jpg

      American or Italian, or Iraqi
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    8. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      I was in Ramadi in 2006 with 1-26 IN, where were you Major, Uniforms looking pretty clean, Prop Brigade SEXO ;)
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    9. Art Hall
      Art Hall
      here is a picture of my Dad LCpl. Don Hall, C Co, 1st Batt, 7th Marines. served in Korea from Dec 1950 till he was WIA in April 1951. he would certainly not mind you using this picture and Im sure would be honored to have his likeness used in the upcoming Korea LnL Tactical Korea game. He died in 1987 so I authorize you to use his likeness at no cost. E3CF69AE-8022-4691-A853-B1A423140948.JPG
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    10. Double Deuce
      Double Deuce
      Is this 'offer' still open?
    11. Art Hall
    12. Grimshok
      Awesome idea! Thanks!

      LnLP only is allowed to use my image at no cost and I state that this is my picture and not of someone else or someone else's.

      (sorry it's low res, it was from a group photo, and I cut everybody else out) Thanks guys!

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    13. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
      The wheel may turn slow but the wheel does always turn.

      Its been a few years since we put up this post looking for people to be included in our games as leaders. With the upcoming game "Heros Road to Stalingrad" we knew we needed to break into this thread and hold to our desire to include YOU, our customers into the game. We managed to pull out 5 people that would work for us.

      We do have more games lined up in the future and we are always looking for people to include as leaders and if you are interested then please go ahead and submit a pic using the guidelines posted in the original post and maybe youll see your self as a leader counter.

      And to make sure that the people we used get notified, I am going to be posting to each of them in the following posts!

      Let hear your thoughts!
    14. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
    15. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
    16. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
    17. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
    18. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
    19. Devin Heinle
      Devin Heinle
      And a huge shout out to our artist Iván Cáceres who did this phenomenal work!
    20. crak
      How'd I miss this? They look great.

      LnLP only is allowed to use my image at no cost and this is my picture.

      Last name Rakowski. Polish, British or Soviet nationality

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