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    Well the big news is out that Lock 'n Load Tactical system Heroes of the Pacific is now released. If you placed a pre-order and have not received a shipping notice it is ok. We are putting the games together as fast as we can. Since it's been a while and you want to make sure please open a support ticket at and we get right on it. Remember we do everything in house and it takes us a little longer to get them all out.

    Heroes of the Pacific enters the Pacific theater with a vengeance. Heroes of the Pacific details America’s brawl with Japan during World War 2, and includes twelve frantic firefights from America’s audacious island-hopping campaign. You will lead desperate Marines struggling ashore on Tarawa, face a counterattack of HA GO tanks at the Peleliu airfield, fight for Kitano Point on Iwo Jima, and more.

    It isn’t, however, all about the Marines; Heroes of the Pacific comes chock full of the U.S. Army’s finest, as well as the Imperial Japanese Army, all drawn with the painstaking detail our fans have come to expect. It’s squad-level combat at its most exciting.

    Heroes of the Pacific Living Rules Edition is now available.

    Heroes of the Pacific Open Box Video from Big Board Gaming can be viewed below.

    Heroes of the Pacific trailer can be viewed below.

    Heroes of the Pacific can be purchase a copy at our store with the link below.

    Heroes of the Pacific After Action Report by Kevin Sharp -

    If you have any questions still about Heroes of the Pacific you can ask them on our forum link below.

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