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Operation Nightwind for Heroes of the Pacific

Operation Nightwind for Heroes of the Pacific v1.0

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
David Heath submitted a new resource:

Operation Nightwind for Heroes of the Pacific - Heroes of the Pacific, Lock 'n Load Tactical, Scenario

Operation Nightwind (Hypothetical) for Heroes of the Pacific
Designed By: Emery Gallant

It's 0200 hours, May 5, 1944, on Ngesebus Island north of Peleliu. The battle of Peleliu is in the pipeline; threatening the Allies plans is the island of Ngesebus.

Reconnaissance indicates the Japanese are constructing a small auxiliary airfield on the island...........

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Nov 30, 2014
Initiative and number of turns?

I assume that only from Turn 1 to Turn 10 night rules apply.

Initiative starts with the Americans...the Japanese only have 9 squads and one leader set up; the Japanese then come onboard per Ninjutsu Movement. There is no number of turns.....the Amercians need to decide along the way how they are fareing in terms of objectives: How many victory positions they take (radio huts, artillery positions) vs. how many make it out alive and rowed out to the ocean board edge when they are through.

I didn't place a number of Japanese squads that can activate. The island was heavily defended.

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On night being 9 turns, and dawn hitting at Turn 10, that's correct. If you play the game on VASSAL, you can place the map in night mode; otherwise, assume it''s dark as heck out there :happy: ....on turn 10, dawn hits and regular rules take hold.

The idea here is to make the American players decide whether they want to make it inland fast, or in stealth; bypass the first relay station hut or hit it with Melee. Ninjutsu Movement is where the rub comes in....

The game I'm about to GM has me playing as the Japanese. In a way, I'm acting as the AI. What I am thinking is, at the start of the game, in the dark, dropping in Japanese squads randomly as the initial turns go by....perhaps using a system where it will be determined which direction they head; could be at the Amerians, or another direction. Being night, the theory is that the Japanese squads are just patrolling. They can't really see anything, unless something alerts them.....

In that regards, these patrolling Japanese squads places obstacles in the path of the 1st wave Americans.....but as the Americans make their way inland, I am thinking folks are going to start bumping into each other!

The scenario of course, can be played outside of the above parameters, but I want the two guys that will be playing the Amercans to really have to react to surprises thrown in front of them! Time will tell if it works, LOL. The game should kick off net week.

Thanks for checking out the scenario! I appreciate it!!!!
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