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Discussion in 'CO2 - Modules' started by hazxan, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Here's an idea for a module that if released, I'd get instantly. A "Commanders Boot Camp" set of small to mid scenarios, aiming to teach the various elements of becoming a good commander. Perhaps graduated from something small to start with, just an infantry battalion with some artillery to practice an assault, for example.

    Then different scenarios could add various elements such as holding defensive positions and stalling an enemy, parachute drops, synchronised assaults, armour in rough terrain etc etc. Building to something of about Return to St Vith size, with different elements combined.

    Ideally, there should be a pdf guide to point the trainee commander in the right direction, rather than "I got badly beaten and I have no idea how to win this" (yes, happens to me sometimes!). Something like Daz's St Vith AAR, but only needing 1 page for each scenario.

    No need for them to be in a single theatre, either. Maps could even be fictional, in order to get across whatever the appropriate training lesson is.
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    This is an excellent idea but it's going to take some resources. Time is always the killer here. If anyone would be interested in taking on this scenario development work please contact me. Off the top of my head we could resurrect the original tutorials from COTA. The first 'Bridges to Lamia' was a small action - a reinforced Bde IIRC. The second was a Division doing a defend and delaying action. There was a step by step tutorial that came with these two scenarios but it would need revision as the game probably won't play out the same with all the changes that have been made. A couple of extra small scenarios, as you suggest to cover say a Bn attack with infantry and another with motorised forces would probably suffice.

    If there is anyone interested in taking this on, then please contact me.

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