Indo-Pakistani War

Discussion in 'WaW85 Feature Requests' started by CRFout, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Apr 12, 2020
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    How about an expansion to WaW85 for a potential India vs/ Pakistan war? These are major players with an interesting assortment of gear on both sides. They would be unlikely to set their differences peacefully aside as the fate of the world is determined by armed might. The terrain would be interesting as well, with dry farms, wet farms, rivers, mountains, and deserts. Their training & morale scores should probably be lower than the Soviets, but higher than the Arabs.

    Of course, China shares a border with not only both nations, but the most hotly contested battleground...
    And the Soviet Union was still occupying Afghanistan at the time, and Kashmere is right over there...
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    It's on a burner. Not a front burner, can't promise anything, but definitely on a burner and simmering in the background. :)

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