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Is it ok to upload vassal setup files for other users?

Chris Buhl

Apr 25, 2017
Northampton, MA
Hi, I was prepping for Defense of Frankfurt on vassal, and the setup was (in accord with scenario size) pretty extensive. So I thought it might be helpful to others to post a pre-made setup file with all the units pulled out and ready to set up, etc. someone then suggested to should have asked first, and that does make sense. I can’t figure out a time at to geek message either designer on BGG (at least not from my phone), I thought this would be the most likely place to get them a message. The file doesn’t give out any info about the scenario that would allow it to be played without the scenario book, but I’ll definitely take them down immediately if LnL doesn’t want them posted, with my apologies for not thinking of asking first. Will not make that mistake again.