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    What's New with Lock 'n Load Tactical System

    As many of you have seen, we working to bring you the best tactical game ever. All the games have been giving an overhaul as far as rules, player-aids, counters and maps.

    We are now taking pre-orders on the new releases for Lock 'n Load Tactical series. All of the Lock 'n Load Tactical series games can be found at our store.

    Please remember if you have NOT made an account in our store (not forums) you will need to make one in order to place an order. You are NOT be charged until the game is being boxed.

    LnL is Back  Forum.jpg

    What is the pre-order time frame

    This will be a very limited pre-order period. The counters are already in the office. Once you see the Living Rules available we will be good to go any day. The first games out the door will be

    Heroes of Normandy
    Heroes of the Nam
    Heroes of the Falklands

    Right behind that will be

    Heroes of the Motherland
    Heroes in Defiance -
    Heroes Against the Red Star
    and Day of Heroes

    All pre-orders will include the X-Maps as well. So if anyone has any questions fire away.

    Normandy Front.jpg Normandy Player-Aid Cards.jpg Normandy Scenario Card Back2.jpg Normandy Scenario Card Front1.jpg Nam Box front.jpg Nam Payer Aids.jpg Nam Maps.jpg Nam Counters.jpg Falkland Box Front.jpg Falklands Counters.jpg Falklands Maps.jpg
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Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Oct 15, 2015.

    1. Bob DeSilva
      Bob DeSilva
      Great! I pre-ordered the original D-day/Normandy and Falklands games over two years ago and never received them before they went out of print. Do I have to order again? I was under the impression that I did not.
    2. vsadek
      David, great news. What will be with those who invested $$$ into previous crowdfunding campaigns in the days of Mark Walker. For instance, I opted for Band of Heroes Normandy, as it was called back then.

    3. Mark
      I pre ordered Heroes of Normandy (well what ever it was called at the time) though there were support levels included which added a map some counters and a couple of scenarios for each step. I supported all the steps and paid $200 for it but I see no mention of the extras and it listed as $79.99 so are the extras still going to be included for the people who went all out in the support or have I just paid $120 more for the game?
    4. eciesse
      probably two lines of clarifications for the folks who had invested in the game at the time of "iwantthisgame" would be appropriate. I f we just have to wait it would be helpful to receive an order confirmation from you so that we all could manage any possible discrepancies.
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    5. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys

      I am writing something up I spent two days in the ER with my son (Sick nothing horrible, thank God) and it's text replay on the phone. Oh and I will take care of everyone one way for another. NO ONE will lose money or need to pay more.

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    6. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Is ANZAC Attack going to be released again or will it be incorporated into Heroes of Nam?
    7. David Heath
      David Heath

      No ANZAC Attack has been discontinued and will be available in Heroes of the Nam.

    8. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Great news it's now combined thanks!
    9. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys

      I can't find where I posted my message on this but I spent the last couple of days in the ER with my oldest son. So I am a few more days behind in updating you then I expected. Thank you for all the messages asking how he is doing, He is finally on the road to recovery. This kid can never seem to have a normal sickness.

      Ok now for an update on Pre-orders. If you have an old order on I Want This Game / original LnL Store. The Original store had a lot of security and operating issues and we upgraded to our current store. This has been a long process but its totally secure and personal financial information is NEVER stored on it. All older records that we have of anyone's financial information were destroyed. The current store will allow any customer to review any order history as well as any pledges and or Pre-Orders. You may review or cancel any of those orders whenever you wish.

      We been asked why can't you see your pre-orders and that is because the please note we will need to move it here. In order to do this you MUST have an account register on our store and also on our forums.

      In order to have your pre-orders registered and be able to be viewed by you. You must have an active store and forum account. If you already have an account on our store or forums, you do not need to register another one.

      1) If you do not have an account on the new store, you will need to create one at the link below.

      Once completed, please proceed to Step 2.

      2) If you do not have an account on our forums you will need to create one at the link below. You can use the same username and password as your store account if you wish:

      If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please submit a Support Ticket with our Customer Support Department:

      Now for the Pre-Order Update

      We sent out emails to ALL the Heroes of Normandy customers so you should have that by now. This will give you all the information on what we are doing and what needs to be done to register your pre-order.

      We also sent out emails to all the Heroes of North Africa customers and today I plan to get all of the Heroes of the Falklands and later this week Stalin Triumph. This should close out the last remaining issues.

      Again thank you all for your patience and support.

    10. David Heath
      David Heath
      All Ring of Hills now called Heroes of the Falklands emails have also gone out.

    11. Bob DeSilva
      Bob DeSilva
      David, I preordered Ring of Hills and Heroes of Normandy and I haven't received any emails.

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    12. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      David, I'm guessing Heroes of North Africa will be after all these ones.Do you have rough time frame when that will be or is it just a case of When It Is Done?
    13. David Heath
      David Heath

      My motto is always, "When it's done" This game does not depend on the other games. We just depends on our time frame once we feel it is completed. So I am sure when just I do not think it will be long.

    14. eciesse
      I write with the idea of clarifying issues that could be useful for others as well..

      1) I received the mail for Heroes of Normandy
      2) I did everything stated there
      3) i opened a support ticket

      done everything 3 days ago

      is it normal if I do not see yet any preorder on my account?

    15. Øivind Karlsrud
      Øivind Karlsrud
      Based on very limited statistics (myself), this is normal. I also did it 3 days ago. I'm guessing someone has to read through each support ticket, then add the pre-order to the correct account and generate a gift code. There are probably quite a few support tickets to go through.
    16. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys

      Yes we are going need some time to add everyone who got an email. When it is done the support ticket will have an update and be closed out. You should receive an email and you can check your account and make sure you game shows up in your account and it should.
      Yes we need to read and update everyone account so this will take time.

    17. Stéphane Tanguay
      Stéphane Tanguay
      I was wondering if the counters in Dark July 2nd edition are of the same type ((thick counters with rounded corners) then those who came in HotP and the upcoming Heroes in defiance, Heroes fo Normandy, etc.
    18. Jon Feenstra
      Jon Feenstra
      What has happened to Heroes of the Faith? Along with Ring of Hills and Heroes of Normandy, I also pre-ordered this one via I Want This Game. I've received the emails regarding those two, but nothing about Heroes of the Faith.
    19. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      They are the normal one, not rounded and individual, they are typical counters.

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