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    Lock 'n Load Tactical is a great system but it does have some scenarios that say pretend such and such terrain is not there or pretend that this terrain is now different. We are working on a special map pack that will add maps that show the proper terrain for those scenarios. These new style maps add a lot of new building and terrain and make the maps much more unique. Here are a few samples let us know what you think.

    LnLT HON-Board18-redone sample.jpg Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 20.00.04 copy_1.jpg LnLT HON-Board18-redone closeup.jpg


Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Jun 12, 2018.

    1. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Hmmm even after these pictures full hexes and bigger numbers IMO, you have to allow for not only older eyes but less than ideal light...looks like I’m a heretic!
    2. Rydo
      You're not. I love ln'l load maps, but easier more abstracted graphics would have had some advantages.
    3. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Hey Rydo,

      Sorry i hate being a naysayer but I don’t see advantages in the suggested changes for play (they are great for aesthetics). Just being realistic. The suggested hexes are harder to determine as they are not complete and the smaller numbers are by nature going to be harder to read.

      I’ve been playing hex games since the 70s and they were around before then, I have have seen the ‘hex apex style’ used before (can’t remember off the top of my head by who I’ll think about it) yet we still have full hexes in general use I think that says it all. They are simply easier for players. And re the hex numbers it’s obvious just making them smaller makes them harder to read, unless we go for fluorescent colours for the smaller number and they’ll go well next to my lovely camo tank counter haha ...

      If the consensus is change go for it I’ll just stick with the games I have.

    4. Rydo
      I'm sticking with the ones i have too, maybe adding a white stroke to the hex letters could have helped them standing out and beign easier to read or increase their size.

      Thats why i was saying abstracted graphics are better game wise, they tend to have less details, less shadows etc, and that allows for more visibility of the hex numbers.
      In real life i rely on the top hex and count down to find my hex.
      Still those 4k maps have great graphics and help immersion.

      To be honest, i would have buyed all 4k maps but shippings and price + customs in my country means that i will easily get 60 dollars just for the maps of normandy :(
    5. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      not hard to read for people with normal vision and get a lamp, its not healthy reading anything in low light. Strains the eyes don't you know :) But seriously, these look great, and the bleach white might make them stand out a lot better. The dots I think are most important for LOS and they are easy to see.My only concern is how this looks on the HotP maps or something more densely wooded. I think it would be better if there was one aesthetic overall for the system,, rather than special 4K maps that are better. I understood the X map thing for people who wanted bigger hexes but the best maps should be included with the game. Just my humble...
    6. David goodwin
      David goodwin
      I am still looking for 4 and five story buildings. More like real life. The old simulation publications people had an algorithm for that.
    7. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      hong kong would be sweet!

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